Our Mission

Frameless Labs serves to bring attention to all research, innovation and artistic creation in the fields of virtual and augmented reality at RIT. By providing symposia and an online space for the community of VR/AR makers at RIT to collaborate, Frameless Labs supports the growth of existing ventures and the inspiration of new projects and technology.

Frameless Labs also serves to connect RIT ideas to the greater outside community of VR and AR thought leaders. Building from the strength and synergy of creative and technical minds jointly focused on emerging innovation, Frameless Labs provides a dedicated center of excellence for fostering ideation in emerging immersive experiences.


VR First

The MAGIC Center at RIT, and by extension Frameless Labs, is a proud member of the VR First research initiative.  VR First is a global program designed to provide state-of-the-art facilities to creators and educators interested in exploring the power and potential of virtual reality development. VR First Labs and Centers are designed to be the key locations for nurturing new talent in VR/AR development. VR First also helps developers to convert ideas into business opportunities and brings developers together with established industry partners.  More information about the VR First initiative, partner universities, and corporate collaborations is available here: https://www.vrfirst.com/


The MAGIC Center at RIT, and the associated MAGIC Spell Studios, provide numerous opportunities and capabilities for faculty, staff, students, and community partners to engage with VR/AR/MR and associated technologies.  The virtual reality/augmented reality lab at MAGIC is available to partners across campus, from any college, major, or research area, and features new equipment each month including major platforms from Oculus/Facebook, HTC/Valve, Microsoft, Samsung, OpenVR and others.  In addition, the lab is a VR First partner (www.vrfirst.com), linking the lab to a network of nearly 600 universities, laboratories, companies, and partners world-wide.  The lab features engine environments and software suites from Adobe, Autodesk, Crytek, Microsoft, Unity, Unreal, and many others, with advanced, high performance workstations from Dell/Alienware.  The current lab supports research by faculty in several RIT colleges and programs (computer science, interactive games & media, information sciences and technology, motion picture sciences, 3D digital design, etc.), commercial development for clients of the studio, game development for students in our entrepreneurship programs and as supported by the NY State Games Hub at MAGIC, and numerous other activities large and small.  The new VR/AR lab planned for MAGIC Spell Studios in 2018 will extend on the democratic basis of the current lab, and will provide access to more equipment, space, and resources than the current lab allows.  The balance of activities, however, will likely be much the same, as will availability on a 24/7 basis as a campus resource.

Frameless at LSI Winners

You Are Here….Elsewhere:  An interactive and participative installation at the crossroads of different video-graphic languages, such as documentaries, animation drawing, video games, interaction, etc. It is a hybrid-form giving the viewer a look at public space as an interactive space. Creator: Matthieu Tercieux


Kingdom of the Tao:  Winner of the New York State Game Development Challenge (student category), Kingdom of The Tao is the first and only Traditional Eastern Arts educational game in VR.  Players learn foundational martial arts techniques rooted in Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi.  Complete beginners to advanced martial artists will deepen their experience and appreciation for the self-defense movements taught in Kingdom of the Tao.  Set in an ancient Taoist temple, players not only learn effective martial arts techniques, but also traditional healing practices such as Qi Gong and the Elemental Theory of Chinese Medicine.  Through its online cooperative gameplay players who enter Kingdom of The Tao will gain new insight into Traditional Eastern Arts that applies to everyday life. Creator: Nathan Stevens


House to House: The Battle For Mosul :  Experience the battle for Mosul from streets, rooftops and living rooms in this bone-rattling 360 video. Note: Images must be credited to AP (Associated Press). Creators: Maya Alleruzzo and Claudia Prat, Associated Press